Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wild Weather

Today has been such a crazy day. It was the first warm day in quite a while. It was 26 degrees after a lot of 16's and 17's. I was loving it. The car windows were down, warm breezes were blowing my hair in my face...the smell of spring was in the air. And now, just a few hours later, I am lying in bed listening to the wind and the rain rage on outside. Such extremes. Oh well, spring will come sooner or later so I think I'll enjoy the rain while its here. I just hope the roof doesn't blow off the shed :)

On a different note, I discovered what my daughter really thinks of me today when she became hysterical after I wouldn't answer her through the bathroom door. She thought I was still in the bath but I had snuck into my bedroom for some peace and quiet. When she called out to me and I didn't answer she became convinced I had fallen asleep in the tub and drowned. Yes, my daughter thinks I am so old and tired that I am unable to keep myself from accidently drowning. How nice...

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