Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shattered Dreams....

As you may remember this is what I was going for......But this is more the look that I got.

Can you believe it?  I waited a whole year to go to training and I hurt my knee on the very first night.  In the first half an hour mind you!  And it wasn't even a huge fall.  I landed on my butt and felt nothing because I sort of slided slowly down onto the floor.  Unfortunately the top of my leg went one way and the bottom of my leg went the other causing quite some damage to my poor knee.  I had to sit out last weeks practice but in 2 days I have to pass a skating skills test to be able to continue on to the derby part of the training and I'm not at all sure my knee is up to it.

But I am going to tape it up and give it my best shot.  And if its not good enough then its not good least I can say I tried.  Wish me luck!