Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hurray for Handbags

While being pushed around in my wheelchair the other day I suddenly I realised I was at the perfect height for checking out other people's handbags.  I started to think about how different each bag was and got all giddy looking at all the different designs.  But it made me think, and that's where you come in.  I would like a pic of your handbag along with the reason why you bought it.  Was it the size, convenience, material, or price?  Did you buy it because it was designer or because your favourite celebrity had one?  Or was it love at first sight?  Come on ladies, help a poor invalid out and give me a squizz at your bag.  I am so curious.  And please, be honest!

Oops I did it again...

You may remember I tried out for the roller derby team last year only to wreck my knee on the first night.  Well this time I exceeded all expectations of my clumsiness.  I went to the snow and broke my leg in 3 places.  Not skiing or doing anything fun like that, just I'm wondering if I have osteoporosis or something equally as sinister.  I probably could have handled it if it were a simple cast job.  But I had to have surgery on it and screws were inserted.  It has been quite painful and a challenge to get around. 

This is a pic of what my foot looked like after the operation but before they put the full cast on.  Please get rid of this page if you are squeamish.

  It looks like that on the other side too.  And because of this I have an important message.  Be grateful for your feet ladies!  You never know when you might not have them anymore.