Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Turtle!

My little turtle Mr 6 is now Mr 7!  I can't believe how grown up he is now.  He is my baby and I am finding it hard to tell people my youngest is 7.  I feel so old!  It was bad enough when I was telling people my oldest is 7.  Of course I did start having babies at 10 :) 
I can't believe its been 7 years since I bought the little pumpkin head home.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  He's still as cute now as he was then.  Such a beautiful little boy who always makes me laugh.  The things he says are priceless.  His energy knows no bounds.  He bounces from one wall to another, always getting into mischief which was why I think he was made so beautiful...because it makes it harder to be mad at him.  I bought him a new bike, a bigger one with stunt pegs and such.  Not that I want him to use them.  He got on it and just flew away.  I was going crazy with how fast he was going.  He takes to anything like a fish to water.  I am so proud of him...even if I do miss his littler version everyday.

Happy List

13.  Feeling so proud of my kids

Hate List

15.  My kids growing up

More drama

Today was actually a really good day.  Nothing exciting happened. I didn't win any money, I didn't lose any weight, I didn't have a great hair day...but it was peaceful.  It was productive and calm and everything went the way it should.  It wasn't too hot or too cold.  It was the kind of day I dream about but don't often experience.  Then I went to pick the kids up from school.....

About 2 months ago Mr 6 gets in the car and tells me A called him a tiny, little bitch (I think that's what he said anyway, it was a while ago now).  A is in Miss 11's year level.  I could see her sitting in the grass and I was in my car which was a little distance away so I yelled out to her (yelled out to her, not AT her).  I yelled out 'A'.  She goes 'what?' I said 'did you call Mr 6 a tiny little bitch?'  She said 'no' so I said 'look don't call him names and just stay away from each other ok?'  Then I drove off.  No big deal.  Forgot all about it.

The next day C (an absolute instigator who is always trying to start fights.  I know why she is the way she is.  Her mother is an absolute piece of trash who just had another baby with another different man so C doesn't get a lot of attention.  She's only 11 and I feel sorry for her but I find it hard not to be annoyed by the things she does) told Miss 11 that Mr K was going to ring her mum (me) and that I was going to be in a lot of trouble because I yelled at A.  Miss 11 told me about it when she got home and I said Mr K can ring me all he wants because I didn't yell at A, I only asked her if she was calling my son names.  I never got a call from the teacher and once again forgot about the whole thing.  It seemed ludicrous to me anyway and I told Miss 11 that C was just trying to cause arguments between all the girls again.

So today I pull up at the school behind a white car.  The woman in it is screaming and yelling at Mr 16, all I can hear is F this and F that.  Mr 16 told her to F off and flipped her off which I would not normally approve of but am so proud that he was sticking up for himself against this deranged woman.  Then she yelled out 'And tell your mother she's a slut.'  I was taken aback.  I had no idea who this woman was.  If you knew me you'd know I'm far from a slut.  I'm always wearing jeans and baggy sweaters and in the last 16 years I've been with 2 men so if I'm a slut then I'm the lamest one I know.  And why this woman felt the need to say this to my 16 year old son shocked the hell out of me.  I beeped the horn at her.  She yelled out F off and flipped me off out her car window.  I walked over to her and said 'whats your problem?'  The ranting and raving that ensued told me that she was A's mother and that my kids were picking on her kids and blah blah blah.  I told her that I would tell her what happened if she just calmed down and stopped talking over top of me.  She shut up so I told her exactly what happened.  I told her that her kids had been picking on mine and that I didn't yell at A, I only asked her if she said what Mr 6 said she said.  Then she told me that Mr K had told her that I was swearing at and abusing A!  I was livid.  I couldn't believe that a teacher would straight out lie about me.  I had no reason to believe this woman wasn't telling the truth because she would have had no reason to be so upset otherwise.  Also I think she works at the school and she had to have known I would confront the teacher so I didn't even contemplate the thought she may be lying.  I told her it was a total lie, I don't swear at and abuse 11 year old girls.  Then a teacher came over and asked her if she was ok!  Like I was attacking her! She was the one swearing, she was the one abusing my child and she gets asked if she's ok!  I couldn't believe it.  I told the teacher we were just having a conversation.  He told us to move on.  I told him that we were on public property that had nothing to do with the school and we would move on when we were finished.  He starts ranting and raving that we can't be swearing in front of children.  He was speaking to me by the way because I apparently used the word 'ass', not speaking to her who up until 2 seconds before was using the F word like a sailor.  Also there were not a lot of children out there, most of them were mine and hers, and the kids at this school know more swear words than I do.  I said to him that we could've finished our conversation in the time it took him to rant that and continued on.  I told her the problem could be solved if she told her kids to stay away from mine and I would tell my kids to stay away from hers.  She agreed, I got back in my car.

So I'm sitting there waiting for the kids to put their bags in the boot and the teacher comes up level with my window and starts staring at my kids in the back seat!  I said 'Do you need something?'  He said no.  So I said well what are you looking at?  He goes nothing so I said well move along then.  He walks off just staring at me then goes have a nice day.  I fought the urge to flip him off.

This is a couple of days later now, I didn't get to finish.  Anyway the teacher was on camp until the next day so the next day I went up to him and asked him why he was saying stuff about me when he didn't even know me and he wasn't even there when the incident happened.  He said he hadn't said a word to A's mum!  She just outright lied!  She was standing up the road and when she saw me talking to Mr K she couldn't get in her car fast enough.  I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with people.  Are all people like this or am I living in Crazy Town?

Happy List

12.  Days that just go right

Hate List

12.  Lunatic women who think they can swear at and abuse my children
13.  Liars
14.  Certain smug teachers at my kids school

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tears of Joy

Miss 11 left for camp this morning.  Her first camp!  I didn't know whether to be excited for her or be worried about her.  She was so excited I didn't think the camp was going to live up to her expectations but she rang after dinner and she said its even better than she thought it would be so I am so glad she is having a good time even though I already miss her like crazy!  It is so weird to not have her in the room next to me. Just another sign of how quickly they are growing up :(

Happy List
7.  Horses
8.  Alone time
9.  My kids growing up
10.  Crinkle cut hot chips
11.  Kiefer Sutherland

Hate List
8.  Headaches
9.  Roadworks
10.  Leaving your cash and cards at home when you've just travelled a great distance and need them
11. Broken fingernails

Now we're even!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a Wonderful World

I spent today coughing continuously for the 7th day in a row, cursing my second course of antibiotics and wondering what on earth is wrong with me.  I got into a bit of a disagreement with the girl in the McDonalds drive through, we had a huge blackout, the weather went from winter to hot as hell mid-summer overnight, I ate too much crap and I felt bloated and lonely.  Then I heard a big crash in the backyard.  I went outside to investigate and it ended up being the tin on the shed roof rattling around because it had gotton incredibly windy all of a sudden.  I was only wearing a t-shirt but the wind was so warm and enveloping.  There was a full moon so even though it was dark it wasn't really dark.  It was so surreal.  I seriously could have stayed out there forever except my kids would have woken up to find their mother standing half naked in their backyard and called the loonie bin.  It made me realise that despite the crappy things that can happen in a day that leave you feeling stressed out and frustrated, there are still parts that make you feel glad you're alive.  Money problems, traffic, stupid people, long queques, automated telephone services....they don't exist when you're standing in your back yard wrapped up in a moment.  The new houses that are going up around my area are all stacked on top of one another.  They don't even have a big enough backyard to put a clothesline in.  How will they ever experience that feeling?  It makes me sad for them.

Anyway, you know how I sometimes put in highs and lows of the day?  Well I am going to number them and put them on the Things I Love/Things that Make me Happy list or the Things I Hate/Things That Piss Me Off list.   But it has to be stuff that has happened to me that day, no past memories of things gone good or bad, only current stuff. On New Years Eve I am hoping that my happy list will outweigh my hate list.  Fingers crossed.

Happy List
1.  My kids
2.  Warm breezes
3.  The full moon
4.  The warm fuzzy feeling you get when you remember something great that happened in your past
5.  Zyrtecs - because despite their non-drowsy claim, they put me to sleep faster than a brick to the face
6. A new digital tv channel

Hate List
1.  The stupid girl in McDonalds
2.  Waiting in line for half an hour for ice creams to be told the ice cream machine had overheated
3.  Idiots neglecting to tell me at either the speaker box or the money window that the ice cream machine had overheated
4. Blackouts - and the fact that when 2 traffic lights were out on a main road they had 4 police yakking it up at one set and absolutely nobody at the other set. Dangerous!
5.  Doctors who don't speak English.  How am I supposed to know what they are giving me if I can't understand them.  Yes I could learn an Asian language but the last time I checked this was Australia and I didn't think I needed to
6.  Antibiotics that don't work
7.  Coughing

Oops, looks like the bads are outweighing the goods at the moment.  Tomorrow I will deliberately look out for great things to balance it out.

Destiny or Drive?

Yesterday I watched the movie Knowing and started to ponder what I believed....do I believe in random events or do I believe everything happens for a reason?  Well this post isn't about that.  But it is about something else I've been pondering for a very long time.  Do I believe in Destiny or Drive?  This applies to life in general but to make a long story short I'll just stick with the relationship aspect right now.  Some people believe if it is meant to be, it will be.  Destiny right?  When my husband and I first started dating we found there were a lot of weird events that could have made us meet a lot earlier.  For example, we discovered his friends house was right across the road from my aunts house.  He would have been hanging out with his friend while I was visiting my aunt but we didn't meet.  Despite going to different high schools we were both very good friends with a guy who went to both schools.  We both knew other people and his cousin was engaged to a friend of my sisters.  There were many other coincidences but I moved interstate then moved back before I met him at my sisters house.  I thought this meant we were destined to be together.  We divorced after only 2 years (we were together 7 in total but only married for 2).  This shook up my destiny theory.  Other people have said destiny is what you make it.  You have to go after what you want.  You can't wait for it to fall in your lap. But I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be going for...especially in the love department.  How do you know which one is the one if destiny isn't providing?  I think rom coms have a lot to answer for.  Everyone falls head over heels in love with 'the one' but it cuts off while still in the romantic phase.  What happens when they move in together and find out they didn't have that much in common after all?  What if Rhett Butler had come back?  Would Scarlett have gone back to her old ways?  Would they have had another child?  Would it have bought them closer together or further apart?  What did Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks do after they left the Empire State Building?  Maybe they got to the bottom and one of them said a really racist comment that totally turned the other one off.  Could Richard Gere really get over the fact that Julia Roberts was a hooker or would it have been a recurring theme in future fights?   Were Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald able to get over their socio-economic differences or did he just use her as a booty call until he went away to college?  These are things I think about people....yes it is weird inside my head.

So what do you think?  Do you think love happens or do you think you have to go out and grab it?  I'm interested to hear your opinions.