Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a Wonderful World

I spent today coughing continuously for the 7th day in a row, cursing my second course of antibiotics and wondering what on earth is wrong with me.  I got into a bit of a disagreement with the girl in the McDonalds drive through, we had a huge blackout, the weather went from winter to hot as hell mid-summer overnight, I ate too much crap and I felt bloated and lonely.  Then I heard a big crash in the backyard.  I went outside to investigate and it ended up being the tin on the shed roof rattling around because it had gotton incredibly windy all of a sudden.  I was only wearing a t-shirt but the wind was so warm and enveloping.  There was a full moon so even though it was dark it wasn't really dark.  It was so surreal.  I seriously could have stayed out there forever except my kids would have woken up to find their mother standing half naked in their backyard and called the loonie bin.  It made me realise that despite the crappy things that can happen in a day that leave you feeling stressed out and frustrated, there are still parts that make you feel glad you're alive.  Money problems, traffic, stupid people, long queques, automated telephone services....they don't exist when you're standing in your back yard wrapped up in a moment.  The new houses that are going up around my area are all stacked on top of one another.  They don't even have a big enough backyard to put a clothesline in.  How will they ever experience that feeling?  It makes me sad for them.

Anyway, you know how I sometimes put in highs and lows of the day?  Well I am going to number them and put them on the Things I Love/Things that Make me Happy list or the Things I Hate/Things That Piss Me Off list.   But it has to be stuff that has happened to me that day, no past memories of things gone good or bad, only current stuff. On New Years Eve I am hoping that my happy list will outweigh my hate list.  Fingers crossed.

Happy List
1.  My kids
2.  Warm breezes
3.  The full moon
4.  The warm fuzzy feeling you get when you remember something great that happened in your past
5.  Zyrtecs - because despite their non-drowsy claim, they put me to sleep faster than a brick to the face
6. A new digital tv channel

Hate List
1.  The stupid girl in McDonalds
2.  Waiting in line for half an hour for ice creams to be told the ice cream machine had overheated
3.  Idiots neglecting to tell me at either the speaker box or the money window that the ice cream machine had overheated
4. Blackouts - and the fact that when 2 traffic lights were out on a main road they had 4 police yakking it up at one set and absolutely nobody at the other set. Dangerous!
5.  Doctors who don't speak English.  How am I supposed to know what they are giving me if I can't understand them.  Yes I could learn an Asian language but the last time I checked this was Australia and I didn't think I needed to
6.  Antibiotics that don't work
7.  Coughing

Oops, looks like the bads are outweighing the goods at the moment.  Tomorrow I will deliberately look out for great things to balance it out.


  1. What a great idea. Not sure if you've seen that I do (try to do)a gratitude list every Friday. Love your idea though. :0)

  2. Doctors who don't speak English drive me crazy, too. Or how about customer service reps whose foreign accents are so strong you can hardly understand them. My pet peeves, anyway...

  3. I too am so sick of coughing! Here's hoping tomorry your happy list is longer than your hate list!