Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Turtle!

My little turtle Mr 6 is now Mr 7!  I can't believe how grown up he is now.  He is my baby and I am finding it hard to tell people my youngest is 7.  I feel so old!  It was bad enough when I was telling people my oldest is 7.  Of course I did start having babies at 10 :) 
I can't believe its been 7 years since I bought the little pumpkin head home.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  He's still as cute now as he was then.  Such a beautiful little boy who always makes me laugh.  The things he says are priceless.  His energy knows no bounds.  He bounces from one wall to another, always getting into mischief which was why I think he was made so beautiful...because it makes it harder to be mad at him.  I bought him a new bike, a bigger one with stunt pegs and such.  Not that I want him to use them.  He got on it and just flew away.  I was going crazy with how fast he was going.  He takes to anything like a fish to water.  I am so proud of him...even if I do miss his littler version everyday.

Happy List

13.  Feeling so proud of my kids

Hate List

15.  My kids growing up

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  1. They grow so fast! Appreciate every moment...