Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have been falling asleep really early lately thanks to a nice chest infection and this has caused me to be way behind in all my blog reading and commenting.  Everytime I get on here I have over 1000 posts to read and I think I am up to about October 6 at the moment.  I also haven't done any posts of my own which is horrible so here is an update of what I've been doing.

  • Catching perverts (see last post)

  • I've totally gone off Pepsi altogether and have been drinking heaps of water.  I also have been going to the gym and have been rollerblading and running.  Still have not seen any improvement on the scales though so I'm a little disheartened.

  • The exception to the above rule is I still have a Cherry Coke once a week during my weekly bubble bath.  It's a nice little treat and the other day I discovered Cherry Pepsi so I'll be trying that next bubble bath.
  • My star sign for the other day said that if it was getting to be too much I should move on.  The next day it said it was a great day for my relationship.  If I had followed the first day's advice I wouldn't have had a relationship to have a great day the next day!!!
  • I discovered that Cherry Pepsi tastes exactly like Cherry Coke. Or maybe its because of my coughing and what not.
  • Australians do say Oi.  When I was asked this question I actually thought that I didn't say it but when I thought about it I realised that I do sometimes but its not in a 'Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi' chanty way.  Its more in an angry way like 'Oi, what do you think you're doing?' or 'Oi, get the hell off of there!'
  • The other day when I went in for my Cherry Coke and Cherry Pepsi (I didn't want to play favourites) I saw Cherry 7-Up!  I didn't even know they had it but apparently there is a new one to try.
  • Rollerblading isn't harder than regular skating.  You just have to get used to it.  But I used to ice skate as well so it probably helped a little
  • Amo, I had the Xanadu record too.  Now I have it on i-tunes.  It will always be a favourite.
  • Waiting for love sucks big time.  I'm no spring chicken and you start to wonder if it even exists at all.  Are other people just settling?  If they're not and they're all with the loves of their lives then where is mine?  Its a conundrum.  My mum used to say there is a lid for every pot.  I'm still not sure if I'm the lid or the pot but lately I'm starting to think I'm a frying pan!
  • Have just found out that I don't have a chest infection at all.  Apparently it is my sinuses leaking into my chest.  How utterly gross!  I just keep coughing and coughing uncontrollably.  It is horrible.  I have gone through one set of antibiotics and am starting another lot tonight with some antihistimines thrown in for good measure.  It keeps waking me up during the night so I have had no sleep for a week!  I am one cranky girly!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Catch A Pervert

I had a bit of excitement last Thursday.  Miss 10 left her sports uniform at home so I told her I'd drop it off later so later, me and a friend went around to the school.  As we approached the school we saw this guy standing inside the school gates.  He seemed so suss, he was standing behind a mound of dirt facing towards the kids who were doing sport on the oval.  I said to my friend 'what is that guy doing?'  He slowed down and then he said 'he's jerking off!'  He slammed on the brakes and started reversing up the road.  I could see the guy grabbing at his pants to do them up then he started walking off...straight towards the school.  We pulled up right opposite him and my friend was yelling 'Oi, Oi' at him.  He wouldn't turn around, he just kept walking.  My friend told me to call the police and went running after him.  I called the police and told them there was a man exposing himself inside the school grounds.  I sat there and waited and noticed that my friend had finally caught up with him right outside the school which was a fair distance away.  As I was sitting there, I looked across the road and noticed the bus was sitting there running with the door open but there was no bus driver.  Then it clicked....the pervert was the bus driver!  The police showed up and questionned him.  He said he was urinating and he was human and sometimes it happens.  I said if you didn't think you were doing anything wrong why did you try to run away?  He said that he had some time before the bus was supposed to take off so he thought he'd go for a walk.  I said 'what a load of s**t!'  I pointed out at least 5 places he could have peed without being seen.  I said most people who pee in public make sure they're somewhere private and they face away from people, they don't face directly towards children.  And even if he was just urinating as he claims, he still had his penis out in school grounds in full view of a whole group of kids.  Creep!  They actually let him drive off in his bus but luckily he'll have to go to court and the bus company is doing an investigation.  That's what they reckon anyway.  Surely they would have to speak to the witnesses if they were actually doing an investigation and I haven't heard from anyone.  What a perve!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What is Love?

Love freaks me out.  You see such a broad range of it while reading other people's blogs.  They are so happy when they're in love and when it all blows up in their faces, you can actually hear the pain in their words.  I've never seen such an extreme change in emotion.  From love to hurt to anger and resentment.  I'm not even sure what love is and after reading about everyone else, I'm not sure I want to.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Whip It

I took the kids to see Whip It last week.  It was so awesome.  It was a great movie (made me cry in parts) and it reignited a passion in me that had been long gone.  I loved to skate when I was a kid.  Don't laugh but I used to put on the Xanadu soundtrack and skate around my backyard singing at the top of my voice.  I was 7 so its cute rather than embarrassing right?  Well thats what I tell myself anyway.  I was so proud of my skates.  They were exactly like Kira's and I had the best ones out of all my friends. And I was really good at it too. I could do all sorts of stuff on them.
My next goal was to add exercise into my life since cutting back on the Pepsi  hasn't done much for my waistline.  I was going to do the Couch to 5k program but I haven't been motivated to do it mainly because I hate to run!  Then I thought 'why don't I skate instead?' 

So I went straight out to get some skates.  I was surprised to find that nowhere sold skates.  I had to settle for a pair of rollerblades.  I drove down to the park, sat in the car while I put them on, then fell out of the car.  I was not prepared for the wheels to  move out from under me so fast.  I grazed my knee and my hand and broke my nail so far down that it bled.  But I still went off skating and had such a fun time!

I went out again today.  I hit a twig and a rock and slid through a puddle but still managed to stay upright.  But the best thing was I was sweating like a pig!  If this doesn't make me lose weight nothing will...

Friday, October 16, 2009


I got the nicest surprise in the supermarket today.  I have heard about Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke from all you Americans for years and years (on tv before there were blogs).  We got Dr Pepper here about 15 years ago (or around about that) but it didn't last long.  I don't think many people liked it that much.  So today I was in the supermarket and I looked over at a fridge that I never look at and I saw Dr Pepper!  I was really surprised that you could still actually buy it here.  Then I looked next to it and there was Cherry Coke!  I've never seen one in real life before!  So of course I bought it.  At $2.70 per 350ml can it was a bit pricier than what I usually would pay. (I usually pay about $2 for a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi).  I took it home and poured out some for me and the kids.  And it was quite nice!  Of course the kids loved it.  But I don't give them soft drink very often so they would love anything with bubbles.  It was unusual tasting but I could definitely get used to it.  Of course I am supposed to be weaning myself off of Pepsi and onto water....not onto Cherry Coke.  But it will be nice for special occasions.....

My Addiction

I just had the weirdest feeling. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or gamble and I'm not a shopaholic (yes I am that boring!)  I don't think I have an addictive personality since I am not addicted to any of the major ones.  I am addicted to Pepsi but as you may know, I have been cutting back to one glass per day (and doing a good job I might add).  However, I was just in the bathroom when I got a mad craving.  It was really intense like the feeling that you have to have chocolate when you're PMS-ing or the feeling of having to have some weird food RIGHT NOW! when you're pregnant.  But it wasn't for Pepsi, it wasn't for weird food (no I'm not pregnant) and it wasn't for any illegal was to watch something with Kiefer Sutherland in it!  Now that has to be the strangest craving in the world right?  From one addiction to another...   :)

Happy Birthday B!

Miss 9 is now Miss 10!  Double digits!  She is growing up so fast.  I was watching some home video of her last night when she was 7 and she looks and sounds so much younger.  She is so very bright and has such an incredible future ahead of her. I think she'll be a lawyer because she argues incessantly and won't give up until she wins.  She wants to be a vet though.  She never lets anyone tell her what to do.  She's as stubborn as a mule and I admire her so very much for not letting people run all over her.  She's so beautiful, smart and talented and the things that come out of her mouth sometimes are hilarious!  You're an awesome little girl B and I am so lucky to have been given the job as your mother.  Happy Birthday Beautiful!  And I hope you enjoy your shopping trip!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Modem Hates Me

Hi everyone!  Just letting you know that I wasn't sucked up by a huge black hole.  I was nearly caught up on all my blog reading (I was only 4 days behind) then my Internet decided it hated me.  I've been having trouble with it for days so now I have no idea how behind I am.  I promise I will catch up and comment to you all but its 1am and I have to get up at 5am so I will have to do it tomorrow as long as my internet is still working (fingers crossed).  I have lots to tell...rollerblading accidents, arrogant cops, great movies, tote bags, delicious cakes...its all good and interesting stuff so please come back tomorrow!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


This was my horoscope for today.

Your lovescope for September 30, 2009 If you have been entertaining fantasies about meeting a certain dark, mysterious person, then your dreams may well come true today. You could find them in the most unlikely place - but once your eyes meet, you will know that this is it. This is the one you have been waiting for, and here they are, at last, right in front of you!

Can you say excited???  I actually let myself get carried away with this.  Imagine a dark mysterious stranger who would turn out to be the one!  It set off a whole myriad of fantasies. I imagined having someone in my life who I could talk to, depend on, have fun with.  Someone who I could share secrets knowing they wouldn't laugh at me, someone who would think about me during the day, someone who would love me as much as I loved them. I looked out the whole day and the only men I saw were a teenager loading an unbelievable amount of alcohol into his boot and the guy who makes me feel worthless on a daily basis.  I'm pretty sure someone who makes me cry all the time or a burgeoning alcoholic are not my 'the one'.

Alas it was not meant to be today.  It was a crushing disappointment but I'm hoping he's out there somewhere and he won't wait until I'm too old to care.

In the meantime I'm thinking about bringing a lawsuit against the horoscope writers.  How dare they get my hopes up like that!!!!!