Monday, October 12, 2009

My Modem Hates Me

Hi everyone!  Just letting you know that I wasn't sucked up by a huge black hole.  I was nearly caught up on all my blog reading (I was only 4 days behind) then my Internet decided it hated me.  I've been having trouble with it for days so now I have no idea how behind I am.  I promise I will catch up and comment to you all but its 1am and I have to get up at 5am so I will have to do it tomorrow as long as my internet is still working (fingers crossed).  I have lots to tell...rollerblading accidents, arrogant cops, great movies, tote bags, delicious cakes...its all good and interesting stuff so please come back tomorrow!!!


  1. ahhh cant wait to here it all...all of that blog reading sure is going to keep u bussssyyyyy!!!!
    delicious cakeeess? yuuummmyyyy

  2. Come back whenever you can - we're certainly not going anywhere!

    (BTW, there's a little something waiting for you on my blog - stop on by and pick up your newest award!)

  3. I was commenting on your newest post when it was pulled. I still wanted to leave my comment. You are not unstable, but that relationship could make anyone go crazy, Irregardless of the fact that you have been with him for 8 years, it's time to move on. The relationship doesn't sound healthy. We women can take a certain amount of bashing, but when he doesn't support Miss 11, that's a whole different story. Get out while you can...