Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well I am still at 1000+ blog posts to read.  I'm starting to think I will never catch up.  But I wanted to wish every a Merry Christmas and if I don't blog again before then, a Happy New Year!  My Christmas wish is that 2010 is just as eventful as 2009 but in a good way! 

I hope you all have a great holiday period and that you and your families keep safe and have fun!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss 12 going on 30!

This is a bit late but Happy Birthday to Miss 11 who is now Miss 12!  It may as well be 30 with the way she is acting.  She is scaring me to death.  Only a year until I have a teenage girl in the house and she is pretty much showing me the way it's going to be!  I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  I still remember when she was learning to sit up and she would only do it if she was sitting in the grass and holding onto a ball.  Just a ball, no.  Just sitting in the grass, no.  It had to be both or she would topple over.  It seems like yesterday I would listen to her babble on through the baby monitor at 4 in the morning.  Now she's taller than me.  At least her kindness and generosity hasn't changed and I hope it never does.  Happy Birthday Miss 12!  I'll love you forever.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A New Nightmare

After reading the title of this blog post and knowing me from past blog posts, you are probably now wondering what fresh hell I have gotton myself into this time.  But I am actually talking about actual nightmares.  I've had 2 in the last 2 nights which is a little strange since I haven't had a nightmare in years.  I used to have them all the time, waking up crying and sweating and what not.  But not for ages...until 2 nights ago. 

The first one I dreamt about a flood.  Surprise surprise it was the night I watched Titanic.  Last night I dreamt that my ex (who was extremely abusive but who I haven't seen in 15 years) was chasing me.  I was running and running but I couldn't move very fast and he had a whole gang with him.  I was running uphill but the worse thing was that I had Mr 7 with me and he was going very slow.  I had to keep dragging him.  Then all of a sudden I also had an xbox under my arm (?) and I knew I couldn't drop it coz Mr 7 would be very upset but they were gaining on us and I was so scared of what they would do to Mr 7.  What do you think?  Is that because of Titanic too???  Stupid movie!  I was so exhausted when I woke up as though I had been running in mud all night.

I'm off to bed now.  Hopefully my brain is done with the Titanic...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Titanic Imagination

Right now I am watching Titanic which is something I should never do while I'm PMS-ing.  I am an incredibly over-emotional person.  I consider it to be one of my worst traits.  I wish I were more of a hardass but everytime I try to be I end up guilting myself to death.  I also am unfortunate enough to have the other trait that you wish you didn't have when you are overly overactive imagination!  Everytime I watch a disaster movie I imagine what it would be like to be in that situation with my children...and then I cry and cry.  I wonder how on Earth I would be able to hang onto the railing while the Titanic snaps in half and make sure my kids are hanging on too.  What if one of them fell?  Miss 12 has incredibly skinny arms.  How would I be able to go on and save the others while suffering from the worst kind of grief known to man?

I get upset when they lock the lower class down below.  Back then ladies were ladies.  I would not only kick down that gate but I would then proceed to kick the arses of everyone who was on the other side!  I like to think I am a lady most of the time but I can turn Buffy if someone is threatening my kids.

The sight of the Irish woman laying down to die with her kids and the baby floating in the water is more than I can bear.  James Cameron knew what he was doing when he added those scenes.

Every disaster movie seems to have a part where people must swim under water for quite a while.  I'm not a strong swimmer and I hate opening my eyes under water.  I'm pretty sure I would get lost along the way and drown me and the kids.

And now I'm starting to realise why I don't sleep well at night..........

For The Love of Seinfeld

I know I know.  Its been so long since I've written anything.  I've been trying to catch up on all my blog reading but no matter how hard I try the google reader still says 1000+ blog posts to read.  It has been a mad house here as I'm sure it has been everywhere else with Christmas only 3 weeks away and all.  School has finally finished for the year but there are concerts to go to, presents to buy and the rest of the year-round general crap to deal with.

The TV has been playing a lot of Seinfeld episodes lately so I've been watching them while I'm doing all the boring stuff.  I love Seinfeld.  I wish it never ended but I'm glad it did before it got stale.  I hate when TV shows do that.  You can tell they're running out of ideas but they just keep going and going.  I think Simpsons is one of these.  I used to love the Simpsons but I haven't laughed at any of the new ones.  I'd say they should quit while they're ahead but I think its too late.  At least Seinfeld went out on a high note.

Tonights episode was the one where Jerry gets audited for donating to the Krakatoan Volcano Relief Fund (see how I capitalise each word as if it were a real thing).  During the episode Elaine asks if the woman George is dating put Jerry's tax papers in a pocketbook or a handbag.  It must have been a good 10 - 15 years since this show first aired but I have always wondered what is the difference?  So to all you American bloggers out there could you please put me out of my misery and tell me what the difference is between a pocket book and a hangbag...