Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Titanic Imagination

Right now I am watching Titanic which is something I should never do while I'm PMS-ing.  I am an incredibly over-emotional person.  I consider it to be one of my worst traits.  I wish I were more of a hardass but everytime I try to be I end up guilting myself to death.  I also am unfortunate enough to have the other trait that you wish you didn't have when you are overly overactive imagination!  Everytime I watch a disaster movie I imagine what it would be like to be in that situation with my children...and then I cry and cry.  I wonder how on Earth I would be able to hang onto the railing while the Titanic snaps in half and make sure my kids are hanging on too.  What if one of them fell?  Miss 12 has incredibly skinny arms.  How would I be able to go on and save the others while suffering from the worst kind of grief known to man?

I get upset when they lock the lower class down below.  Back then ladies were ladies.  I would not only kick down that gate but I would then proceed to kick the arses of everyone who was on the other side!  I like to think I am a lady most of the time but I can turn Buffy if someone is threatening my kids.

The sight of the Irish woman laying down to die with her kids and the baby floating in the water is more than I can bear.  James Cameron knew what he was doing when he added those scenes.

Every disaster movie seems to have a part where people must swim under water for quite a while.  I'm not a strong swimmer and I hate opening my eyes under water.  I'm pretty sure I would get lost along the way and drown me and the kids.

And now I'm starting to realise why I don't sleep well at night..........


  1. I can totally relate to this! I am also an overemotional person with a wild imagination. Titantic gets me every time. And, whenever I watch movies where people are under water for a long time, I wonder how they do it and just know that I would definitely drown. It freaks me out! I can't hold my breath for long at all. And knowing your kids are about to drown? I'm getting upset now. Must eat something sweet.

  2. You know, I think the exact same thing when I watch "Titanic" - I wonder how those people (even though I KNOW they're just actors playing a role) are able to face disaster and death and NOT completely break down. I have terrible anxiety, and in a situation like that, I'm pretty sure I'd either black out or become totally catatonic - then I wonder how I'd be able to protect my kids if I'm too weak to take care of myself, whether or not anyone would even care to help us... thankfully I just insert my husband into the imaginary situation and all is well, LOL! But really, it's hard not to wonder about the what-if's when there are people depending on you... and yes, these ARE the thoughts that can keep you up at night, so for now, don't think about them!