Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monogram Madness

Living in Australia is great. It is a really nice place to live and I've always felt fortunate to be born here. We have a pretty good health system and welfare system and a pretty decent standard of living. It has its low points but on the whole I'd rather live here than Iraq.

But I have (not so) secretly been harbouring an obsession with all things American my whole life. The introduction of this thing called the Internet has only served to deepen my addiction. Now I don't just have TV to get information from. But reading other peoples blogs has led me into a whole new territory.

Before I started reading blogs I didn't even know what a preppy was. Gossip Girl is sending my head into a spin. Do people really live like that? I'm coveting head bands, park avenue apartments, anything J Crew. FAO Schwarz, Central Park, dorm rooms, pep rallys are making me salivate. How did I ever get by without having anything monogrammed?

These kind of things just don't really exist here in Australia. I'm sure somewhere in Aus someone has a headband. But its just not the same. I was sitting here wondering if the sale of a kidney would get me a plane ticket over there then it struck me like a brick in the head. We live in the Internet age. We live in an age where we can order anything from anywhere! Yes I know I'm a little slow but better late than never right?

Then I saw it. Jen from A Girl in Pearls and a Boy with Toys has posted a pic of a tote bag from L.L. Bean that her soon-to-be-husband had bought her.

This is it. So I ordered it! I got it with the black trim and I had it monogrammed!!! My first monogrammed item. I feel like I'm going to cry....

I'm so excited even though it will take 2-4 weeks to get here but when it does I will post a pic of it with my very own initials on it.

In the meantime I am going to monogram everything I own.

Jen also got these as a gift from her bridesmaids.

Aren't they too too adorable? I guess I'll be needing a cute passport cover soon too because I'm going to get to America or die trying. You can live on one kidney right?


  1. haha, you are funny.....I think the grass always appears greener doesn't it. Do you really not have a television?
    I look forward to seeing your new bag when it eventually arrives.

  2. Maybe I worded it wrong. Yes I do have a TV. I have 4 actually. I just meant that I don't only have TV to get information from anymore, I can get it from the internet too. sorry for the confusion :)

  3. I am so ordering that tote thanks for the find!

  4. Does the bag have cool pockets? Not to be rude, but from my end it seems like a normal canvas tote that's monogrammed. You can get those anywhere next time girl and save a little money.
    No tv isn't bad, I actually liked living with no televisions in my house. I did it for over 2 years before I got married. Life was so much more simple and it's so much more easy to focus on the important things like gnosis, life, love, etc. versus consumerism, materialism, and keeping up with the Jones'. Lol!

  5. Nice tote! I went through a monogram stage a decade or so back. Gosh, and those nursery pics on your other post has me wanting to fix up a grand-baby-room. I like the green one but they are all lovely.

  6. like omg, i totally have to monogram all of my t0tes!!!

    lol not really, where i live in America, we're kind of a little behind everyone else.

    Being in the absolute middle of middle class america, all the people around me seem to have some urge to stand out and be different, and in doing so wind up being exactly the same.

    girls and guys straighten hair, skinny jeans in flamboyant colors, zebra prints are big, as are giant sunglasses.

    now not all of that is so bad, but when stuff like that is all thrown together it looks pretty rough. at least to me. but im just jeleous because if i straightened my hair, it would take 30 minutes.

    coincidentally i have been harboring an obsession with australia ever since Isla Fisher

  7. Cute bag and I love those passport covers!! I love monogrammed things as well, it really wasn't a big deal for me until I got married. Then I just loved having my new last initial and wanted to get everything with a "C"!

  8. You are going to love your new LLBean bag. So practical, well-made, and the monogram really makes it special.

    You're lucky to live in Australia--I hope I can visit sometime. Our neighbors are spending six weeks over Xmas there--can't remember the city but about two hours away from Sydney, I think.

    Thanks for visiting my blog; nice to meet you!