Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hit with a Brick!

I truly believe that the universe is constantly pointing us in the right direction with gentle taps on the shoulder. I also believe if you don't listen to the gentle taps, it will hit you in the head with a brick!

I have been incredibly lazy! No beating around the bush here. No excuses. I have been just plain lazy. I have a to do list a mile long but lately I have not had the motivation to even look at it. The universe gently tapped me on the shoulder; scales were creeping up, to do list was getting longer, kids were yelling at me because I didn't fill out a form for after school activities, skin was getting spotty from too many take aways and not enough home cooking. But did I listen to these subtle signs? Of course not! I waited for the brick...

The brick hit me on Monday. I had the worst headache I've ever had in my life. Tuesday was the same, stayed in bed with the light and the tv off. Wednesday didn't get any better. Thursday I went to the doctor who told me to stay in bed with the lights off...duh! When it wasn't gone on Friday, I did the same thing...surely it had to go away soon right?

By Saturday morning I had had enough! I still had the headache but I wasn't staying in bed anymore. I read everyone else's blogs and they were all out having a good time, living life, making memories and I couldn't stand it anymore. That is what I should've been doing before I got hit with the brick. So that's what I'm going to do now, headache or no headache.

I am going to pay attention to the universe and listen to what it is telling me because I don't want to know what it will hit me with next!

So what about you? Are you ignoring the gentle taps or have you already been hit with the brick? And has anyone ever had a headache with stabbing pains for this long? Any advice on how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated...


  1. I'm so sorry about your headache. Hopefully it's making at least a bit of an exit? In any case, I can relate -- I've been completely motivation-free and I'm now waiting for the brick too.

  2. Hi Kerree,
    I'm sorry about the horrible headache...I hope it has gone away! I get migraines too and sometimes Excedrin migraine helps-I believe it is the caffeine in it. Anyway, I also wanted to thank you for the nice comment you left on our blog. I am a lucky mom!

  3. Hi Kerree! That happened to me about two years ago when I had a terrible headache for about two weeks, with a really bad stiff neck! My body was reacting because I was stressed, focusing on the wrong things instead of enjoying life. Worrying...Anyway I went to the doctor and he prescribed me some muscle relaxers and migraine meds. I started back doing yoga and did some thinking about what I could change in my life. The headache finally went away and I am so glad. I hope you feel better soon and really enjoying your blog.

  4. Oh man, I hope you don't have a migraine! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Wow. You've put it so perfectly! I had something like this a couple weeks ago. Headache, pain, I was one with the couch. I didn't know if it was a virus or just some funk I was in. After I got through it, I definitely think it was stress. I love that the fellow bloggers can pick us up!