Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Early Onset Alzheimers

I thought I would never ever run out of things to blog about. My mind is constantly running, I am always hearing about new and wonderful things on the tv and in other blogs, I get flashbacks of things that have happened to me....lots of stuff to talk about right? I think of so many things that I started to write ideas in my PDA so that when it came time to actually sit in front of the computer I would remember them and be able to regale you all with my witty anecdotes.

Here is a sample of my list of ideas:

books - classic
editing comments
people mumbling
naughty kids (COAO)

What the??? I don't know what any of this means. Why do I write these things down and assume I'll remember what they were about? I know I have no memory left. Just another reason to pine for the good old days when I still had half a brain....aahhh good times. I guess I'll have to be more specific in the future :)

Highs of the Day
being able to listen to music again without my head hurting
pizza from Bonanza...yum
vienetta ice cream for dessert
a warm heater on a cold day
Miss 9 losing her football game but having fun anyway
Lows of the Day
there are none, I had a very nice day, boring but nice
Idiot of the Day
Today's award goes to another 4wd (SUV) driver. Yes you, man with the shaggy beard who went to turn left onto a huge divided road only to turn right at the last minute, cutting off several frightened and bewildered motorists.
I can only imagine that seeing the cops pulled over on the side of the road on your left is what caused you to quickly take off to the right. I don't know if you have outstanding warrants or if you just had something naughty in your car but what you did was extremely dangerous and freaked people out therefore you are my Idiot of the Day!


  1. hahhaa too funny. I do that ALL the time. Too bad you can't remember! (COAO) looked to be very promising! :P

  2. That is funny! I do that all the time!

  3. Maybe it's Child On Attitude Overload? That's all I have.
    I've been contemplating for years to get a mini tape recorder and record my thoughts. I'm afraid they might be used as evidence against me later ;)