Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Rude!

I received a rather interesting e-mail today which took me aback somewhat. I wanted to talk about it here so I could get someone else's opinion about which one of us was being rude. Feel free to let me know even if you think it was me.

Here's the story:
I e-mailed a few football teams to see if they had a cheerleading squad. All I wrote was 'Hi. I'm wondering if your team has a cheerleading squad'. I don't know if that's rude or not but I believe in keeping it short and simple. Nobody seemed to mind. They just gave me a simple answer to my simple question, either saying yes or no. Some said no and asked if I was interested in starting one up. Everyone was polite and friendly as I would expect them to be. After all, they have published their e-mail addresses on the internet for the sole purpose of being contacted.
Then I received a reply this afternoon that was a little different. This is it:
While I applaud the concise structure of your email, it does not lend itself to being particularly informative. I have no doubts there will be countless other recipients that you have approached who may be able to assist you in your endevours, but will ultimately baulk at the idea of volunteering relevant information to an unknown party who is unwilling to share their own.At very least, can I suggest the addition of information to your email that addresses the obvious question of:-Are you a cheerleader looking to join a squad, or part of a cheerleading squad looking for a team? What exactly are you offering/asking of us? In any case, whilst we have a number of teams in our club, I do not believe we are currently looking for a cheerleading squad. Our supporters are a very entertaining and vocal crowd, and are sufficient for our present needs as far as I am aware. While a simple "yes" or "no" response would have been an easier method of fielding your query, I hope my taking the time to reply to this email and providing you with some constructive criticism has been helpful, and not in vain.
What??? For starters I'm not offering him anything nor asking anything of him other than the simple question of whether or not his team has a cheerleading squad. But instead of just answering the question (like everyone else did) he felt the need to take time out of his busy schedule to give me some 'constructive criticism'. I am so glad that he felt the need to analyse my e-mail writing skills and pass on his sage wisdom to me.
And exactly what information was he expecting me to give him? I pretty much summed up what I wanted to know in the one sentence. I wasn't asking him for his tax returns or his medical records. I didn't realise that the information regarding the existence or non-existence of a cheerleading squad was so confidential that I would have to provide all my details so he would know exactly who he was divulging this secret information to.
Maybe he was trying to be helpful. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong and I'm totally out of line for my rant. Maybe I'm just PMS-ing and overreacting. What do you think? Am I over reacting or is this guy a pompous jackass?


  1. Dont you just love it when people feel the "need" to give you "constructive" criticism even when it isn't asked for or needed. I agree with you.

  2. I think a little more information might have been helpful, but in no way were you rude. The other party spent and enormous amount of time giving you constructed criticism when a simple yes or no would have done. I would have been upset! Let it go, you must have caught him/her on a bad day. Maybe he/she was PMS'ing.

  3. Oh jeez. Don't you love unsolicited "constructive criticism?" If I'd received your email, I probably would've momentarily wondered why you were asking, but then moved on with my life. As you said, you're not exactly asking for military secrets. But that guys was just being an ass.

  4. He did applaud your concise nature of your email. So that's positive. He is right about your email not being informative. If I was being emailed and asked about a squad, I'd like to know why you were asking and who you were. You never know where people might go with something, so I can see wanting more information from you. I can see his side and yours. I don't think he was trying to be a butthole or he wouldn't have applauded your concise nature or say it was constructive criticism. Jerks don't say they are being constructive they are just jerks. He probably just talks that way and doesn't know how to just ask 'why do you want to know about the squads?'. Maybe he was brought up being told you have to explain things...who knows. I think you are both ok. I would wonder about a response like that myself. It's cool. I bet he's fun to hang out with after he's had a drink or!

  5. Dear Mum Plus 4...
    I am a firm believer that MEN can have PMS, too...he has it.
    And too much time on his hands!

  6. OMG, that was certainly someone bored with too much time on their hands. You weren't asking for constructive criticism on your email writting skills for goodness sake. No, I would have taken umbrage to it too. What a cheek!

  7. Okay, for starters, why would he ask for more information if he was just going to say no? prick.

    And the fact that he used the word "whilst" and phrase "fielding your query" makes me think he was trying to be a jackass, or maybe just was a jackass.

    fielding your query sounds like olde tyme dirty talk. eww

    and the What??? after the email was gold, i dont know why, but laughed out loud.

    The verdict: pompous jackass.

    Kudos for not replying to him. leave him alone in his moms basement.

  8. No and yes. (to your last question).

    Sorry couldn't resist that. He obviously has too much time on his hands.

  9. To be perfectly polite, he should have replied with a simple "yes or no," or just ignored your e-mail. Instead, he made you feel "not so good" and that is not polite! My Chamaleon Rolex, with the interchangeable bands, is vintage (I guess that means I am also). You might try ebay or google "Chamaleon Rolex Watch." Good luck!

  10. It sounds to me like he needs to amuse himself by being smug to others. I don't see what is so hard about answering yes or no. He's obviously a jerk!

  11. This is like my fourth comment on your blog as I read your posts, haha, so I apologize for that! The reply from this person was simply ridiculous. You want to know whether or not they have a cheerleading squad. If their answer to that one question is not the answer you are looking for, then you don't have to waste your time explaining why you asked. If they give the answer you are looking for, THEN there can be more discussion about why you want to know. Just say yes or no. It's not difficult. It's not like you emailed and said, "Can you lend me some money?" without any explanation. Seriously. I agree with what someone else said, that's very pompous and smug. Someone needs to get over himself.