Monday, August 24, 2009

Skank update

I really enjoyed reading your comments about the definition of a skank and it made me think about how many times I say it without meaning to be malicious. Skank is my word to use when I am not quite being nasty. Think about it as opposed to the word slut. 'She's such a skank'. 'She's such a slut'. Slut sounds way worse to me than skank. And sometimes I say skank in a playful way like 'Oh you're such a skank' or when I start to get too many split ends and am way over due for a haircut I'll say 'Oh my hair is getting so skanky'. I guess it's all in the tone....

So why am I bringing this all up again? Because there was another article about it today. Apparently the blogger called the model a "psychotic, lying, whoring ... skank" which is much worse than what I had been lead to believe. But now the blogger is suing Google for releasing her name! Google was forced to by the courts but, as 4evernite says, why have the anonymous option if the anonymity part of it doesn't work?

I thought the Blogger put forward some very good points but my favourite part was when the model's lawyers said 'If we had thought for a minute that the Google case would have brought more attention to the anonymous blogger's site, we never would have started it.' Yeah right.....


  1. I just had to look this time at who the model was. Some people are just out to get money any way they can! Ridiculous, I can understand the blogger's anger.

  2. I have to wonder where is she putting her name that Google could identify her?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day~sorry it took me so long to visit yours. I hope I see you around often :)

  3. I saw a skank at the store the other day. I labeled her as a skank on the prowl. She was wearing tight jeans, high healed shoes, and a tight little strappy top. I hope she doesn't read your blog, she might just sue me for saying so.

  4. Someone really wanted her 15 minutes. I'm sure it's hurtful to read nasty things about yourself, but seriously. A lawsuit. Come on. Skanktastic.