Saturday, July 4, 2009

I decided to spend the first night of the school holidays playing Monopoly with the kids which is something I haven't done in a really long time. I didn't realise how long it was until I realised we don't have Monopoly anymore because it burnt in a fire a few years ago. So we played Trivial Pursuit, Simpsons Operation and Yahtzee instead.

Trivial Pursuit is a little hard for Mr 6, Miss 9 and Miss 11 so I multiple choiced each question for them. It was funny making up the other choices and even funnier when they still got it wrong! I haven't laughed that much for ages.

Simpsons Operation was a little easier for the kids, not so much for me it seems. Where did my dexterity go? Here's a parenting tip though...don't yell boo when one of your kids is having their turn. Miss 9 didn't appreciate it at all.

We had so much fun we all went out today and bought a new Monopoly. Instead of the orginal Monopoly that we had before we opted for Monopoly City. Normally $65 but we got it for $44 at the K-Mart toy sale. Sweet! It's a bit different from the original but it has industrial buildings and skyscrapers and even the coveted Monopoly tower! We played for 4 hours without even realising it. Good wholesome fun and perfect for a rainy day. It also kept everyone away from the tv and computer. We'll definitely be playing a lot more board games in our house.

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