Friday, June 12, 2009


I wanted to start my blog out on a happier note but I decided to discuss this first as it is constantly on my mind.

My eldest son is 16 years old (yes I was 10 when I had him :) ) He is in Year 11 and is going through his first exams this week. I have drilled in the importance of education his whole life but have been going overboard in the last 2 years yet he still just refuses to study. I have grounded him, taken things away from him, stopped his tv and computer privelages; all to no avail!

He wants to design video games for a living which I am thinking is probably a hard area to get in to. He thinks he doesn't need university and that he can just sell his ideas to Nintendo. How do you tell your own child he is delusional? I'm not sure where I went wrong.

It's such a fine line between encouraging your child to reach for the stars and not allowing him to jump off the cliff without a parachute. If he wants to design video games I am behind him 100% but I think he should have his education as a safety back up. If it wasn't for me taking him to school everyday he would quite happily quit and work in K-Mart until Nintendo comes knocking on his door.

Is this a problem for most mums or is it just me? I would really love to hear any comments on how to make my son see that he has to work for what he wants.

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  1. Welcome! (Can I say that if I've only been on blogger for two months?) My little guy is only 5, but your post reminded my of my sister, who is 33 now. She's more artsy and was never really right for a university. It probably would have saved her a lot of struggles if my family had just recognized that from the beginning.

    I'm honored to be your first follower. :) Thanks for your comment on mine.