Friday, July 31, 2009

Broken Heart x 2

While I was out and about on my daily travels (K-Mart and Foodland actually but I have to make it sound a little exciting) I had a near death experience. I was looking through the makeup trying to decide if my skin was light or lighter when I got a sharp stabbing pain in my chest. I got a little nervous and tried to walk it off. Didn't work, still hurt. I started to panic. What would happen to my children? Why did I keep putting off writing my will? Was I too young to have a heart attack or was I going to be one of those anomolies that they would write about in the newspaper? If they did write about me in the newspaper, which photo would they use? Not the one by the Xmas tree; I wasn't wearing my face. I look like a whale in the camping one. OMG would they use my drivers license??? I quickly went home, collapsed on the bed and took my bra off to take some of the pressure off my chest. Instant relief! Why? Because while shopping the underwire had burst out of my bra and stuck itself into my chest. I had a huge deep indent where it had poked into me the whole time. I don't know what embarrasses me more, that I actually thought I was having heart troubles or that it took me so long to realise why it was hurting...

And for broken heart number 2, Mr 6 told me this afternoon that nobody would play with him at lunch. That makes me so sad. He is incredibly loud and bossy so I'm not totally surprised (that sort of behaviour frightens some children) but it still made me really sad. Especially when he said it in his cute adorable voice from his cute freckled face.


  1. It amazes me how we find each other in this vast web of the internet. You commented on my blog so, naturally, I had to see who this new person was. First of all - I love your "about me" - beautiful! Second, your bra story is great and I totally relate to the "OH NO...what picture will they use"!! Aren't we girls so funny? I try to surround myself with the deeper truths of life but at the end of the day - I still want to look AB FAB (one of my favorite shows!). So hello to your new follower. I like your style! :-)

  2. Two days ago I was having lunch with a friend and while she was talking I absentmindedly touched the back of my neck and felt ... a lump. And while my friend kept talking, I convinced myself that I had non-Hodgkins lymphoma and probably, if I was lucky, a couple of months to live.

    Turned out, it was a pimple.

    So I totally relate to the bra story. ;)

  3. I did that with a pimple behind my ear! I was sure it was a tumour.