Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Craft-less Realisation

Once again I am unable to sleep so I'm watching some home makeover show and I've just discovered something I never really knew about myself....I really envy crafty people. I am useless at all things craft-like. Give me a knitting needle and a staple gun and I will have 3 or more people in emergency 10 minutes later. They get a drill, snap, snap, snap... look! its a to scale replica of the Eiffel tower that the kids can have sleepovers in. Two dowels and a piece of shade sail and they have an awning that can be opened with one hand. They are the McGyvers of the DIY world.

I always like to think that I am crafty. I have a box with over 50 balls of different coloured wool because I just know I'm going to knit all the kids their own personalised sweaters one day soon. I also have a box full of scrapbooking supplies because those photos can't stay on the camera forever and I want to show them off in the most decorative way possible. I have a sewing machine I don't know how to use and an overlocker I'm not even sure how to thread. I have cake decorating equipment that has never seen the light of day. I even went and bought 5 poles, 90 x 90 x 300 because I actually think that building that dream cubby house for the kids won't be hard at all. I even went so far as to mark the measurements on the poles. Now I just have to cut a 45mm housing. What is a 45mm housing? I am stumped and even You Tube and Google couldn't help me.

Oh well, they are in the driveway right now making great blocks for the tyres so my car doesn't roll out into the street. My driveway isn't sloped in the slightest bit but what else am I going to use them for? To build a cubby house????


  1. Okay, we might actually be the same person. I have a box full of the most lovely crafting supplies under my bed. I try to make things, but they end up looking like something that came out of a behavior-scientist's chimpanzee lab.

    I love that the poles are keeping your car in the driveway. LOVE that!

  2. Bet my craft projects are worse than yours! Mine end up looking like Homer Simpson's birdhouses and spice matter what I'm trying to make. Knit a sweater, it looks like the birdhouse, bake a cake, tastes like a spice rack.

    I think we may be the same person. I'm starting to think that you don't really exist and your blog is my blog that my alter ego is writing when I'm not realising. Think we have a 'The Dark Half' kind of thing going on here which coincidentally is the book I'm reading right now. Spooky....

  3. I am soooo not crafty. I've made meager attempts at various craft-like things but they always end up looking like some kid in kindergarten high on chocolate twinkies made them.