Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The P-ed off 6 Year Old

Guess what I was woken up by this morning?  Yep, the water company.  They decided to start down my end of the street (very early).  It is typical it just happens to be school holidays, the only time I get to sleep in just a little bit.  I didn't have any trouble getting my car out the driveway but had to move a whole truck to be able to get back in.  Now they've gone home leaving their heavy machinery parked up the curb and a gaping hole in the road.  But it is totally safe because they put a witches hat next to it *rolls eyes*  In my experience children are more likely to be attracted to bright orange plastic than repelled by it.  I'm hoping I don't find any little bodies in there tomorrow.  I'm keeping mine inside just to be safe. 

But I must laugh at their naivete.  In my neighbourhood that heavy machinery will either be gone or graffittied within an inch of its life by morning.  And there's absolutely no way that witches hat will still be there.  Some bogan will be proudly displaying it in their window.  Might get up early to watch the reactions  :)

On a lighter note, I thought I would share something funny that Mr 6 said.  He still has a babyish voice so you have to imagine it said in that tone.

I had just woken up (via machinery) when Mr 6 knocked on my bedroom door.  I knew he'd want me to do something so I just stayed quiet and pretended I was still asleep.  There was a slight pause then I heard 'Stuff it.  No-one's answering anyway'.  Where does he get this stuff from?  It made me laugh and laugh...

Highs of the Day
Not being dizzy when I woke up
Mr 6's comment
Spending time at the stables

Lows of the Day
Waking up to machinery
Nearly having my car crashed into by an old man cutting the corner

Goal Update
Have only been drinking one glass of Pepsi a day
Only had one glass of water today but that's still an improvement
Have been using a smaller plate and have cut down on my portions
So far so good!  Will try to add some exercise tomorrow :)

To The Creep Who Was Standing Behind me in the Supermarket - I know that you were possibly so mesmerised by my beauty in my jeans and baggy sweater that it was hard for you to stay away but if I can feel your disgusting hot breath on the back of my neck, you are standing way too close!  Trying to merge us into one being (thereby making me a person who has to wear a Jim Beam t-shirt and skin tight jeans) will not get you through the check out any faster.  Standing a couple of metres behind will produce the exact same result except I won't have your nasty spit bubbles in my hair.  And you don't have to give me a filthy look because my package of hamburger meat got caught on the conveyor belt preventing you from loading your own groceries onto it.  You could have been a good samaritan and pushed it back on instead of looking at me as though I am wasting your time.  I'm sure you have lots of places to go and lots of important things to do.  People who look like they haven't had a shower in 3 years and are shopping in Jim Beam t-shirts in the middle of a work day usually have tonnes of stuff on their schedule.  On second thought, kind of glad you didn't touch my food....


  1. I hate it when people invade my personal space. Kind of freaks me out...Drink more water!

  2. I've never heard orange cones called "witches' hats" before, but it's perfect! And yeah, the machinery would be a great attraction to my little guy too.

  3. I've stolen a witch's hat in my time, so yeah I can see how it will be gone! Do let us know what happens to their stuff. It would be great to see a photo of the graffiti, too! Some graffiti is actually quite pretty, I used to know someone who graffitis all over Atlanta. Good chap, actually, nice guy.
    Yeah, after d*ck wad all over you, I'd want to make standing up to people a near future goal for sure...jerk wad, douche bag, big ole dummy. Well, I should say God bless him, cause that's probably the only way he'll get any love..god bless his nasty arse.

  4. Your letter to the guy in the supermarket was hilarious!! I needed that laugh today! Thanks!!

  5. The funny things kids say, eh? lol. Glad you haven't been dizzy and you're making progress with your goals. Way to go!! I'd keep my little ones inside too until they're done.

  6. What a character your little man must be! =)

    I'm sorry it's been a trying week (first with the unexpected street work, and now with people randomly invading your space in public), but I think you're doing great - dropping down to only one glass of soda a day is a HUGE improvement, and the longer you keep it up, the sooner this will become your new "normal".

    Hang in there, and don't let the negative things get you down!

  7. I'm saddened to say I had more Pepsi than I should have today but I was sad and I deserved it :)
    Funnily enough the machinery was still there this morning and apparently untouched! Amazing!
    I thought everyone called them witches hats. Orange cones are so uninspiring :)