Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm Not Ignoring You :)

Just so you know that I actually do read and appreciate your comments I'm going to quickly reply to the ones that need replying to.

To Thankyou - considering my sister will go out and buy the exact same item that I do (no matter what it is) there is probably a little bit of jealousy involved there. I sometimes get the urge to buy crazy stupid ugly things just so she will put it in her house but I am yet to waste my money being so childish (although I'm not ruling it out for the future =) Its weird because I was always jealous of her because she had a much better relationship with our mum but who knows why people think the way they do?

4evernite - I am always apologising about something too! Even when its not my fault! Someone will barge into me and I apologise. Its nuts! I blame my mother for teaching me good manners but also giving me a guilt complex. It blends together to make sure I'm constantly saying sorry to people who don't deserve it. Even when I promise myself I'll never do it again! And you put me to shame by what you were reading.

Joey - Isla Fisher doesn't even live here anymore but I agree she is a cutie :) And you also put me to shame with what you were reading. Vonnegut? Please....

Amo - It wasn't a holiday weekend here in Australia. It was Fathers Day though. Hope you had a good one. You might be able to answer a question that has been plaguing me for years. Why can't you wear white after labour day?

Xazmin - I was going to tell you what the 5th line on page 161 of Gone With The Wind was but after searching the place upside down I am unable to find it. I'm sure one of the kids has done something to it so now I am in a stroppy mood.

Cashmere Librarian - good to know the bag will be well made. Its always a bit of a risk when you buy something from somewhere you've never purchased from before. I just hope the inept people who deliver parcels in Australia don't do any damage to it before I get it! Was it Newcastle where your neighbours were staying? I'm in South Australia which is about 16 hours away from Sydney.

Metropolitan Mum - My son is 16 but he is so not ready to be a daddy! Its amazing how he can actually physically have children and if he did, no-one would take it away from him. He can barely look after himself! There are lots of 16 year old mums around here where I live. I find it quite sad that they've just given up their own childhoods like that. It is so hard. I hope my kids wait as long as possible. We have so little childhood and so many many adult years. Shame to waste it.

Summer - you better be feeling better girly :)

Twenty something Momma - It made me so happy that you presumed I had to 'flip back' to page 161. I'd have been devastated if you'd have thought I wasn't that far along yet :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. I look forward to getting to know you all better =)

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  1. Confession: I'm not a big reader. I get in moods. lol. I've yet to read that book. My daughter bought it awhile back and its on my list of things to read. :-)