Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Message to 2Busy

This post is a special message to 2busy.  You evil woman!!!!  Suggesting that I add ice cream to that delicious grape soda, potentially ruining my weight loss dreams.  How could you?

Of course I jest.  It's a great idea. Unfortunately I have neither vanilla ice cream nor grape soda on hand, I do have 4 kids after all.  However, next shopping trip I will grab some and put them both together before the kids get home from school.  I'm sure it will be delicous.

I put Pepsi in with vanilla ice cream all the time.  We call them spiders here. Don't ask me why.  They don't look nor taste like a spider (although I'm only guessing on the taste having never eaten a spider before but I think I can be pretty safe in saying that they do not taste anything like each other).  I was under the impression that Americans called them floats but I could be talking about something totally different.  Fill me in guys!


  1. Root beer float, coke float, grape soda float...Whichever...they are all delicious and a weight loss nightmare. (Only on a special occasion do I indulge).

  2. Yep...they are called "Coke Floats" or "Rootbeer floats"...because people either use Coca Cola or rootbeer.....I, personally, do not like them...haha...but, they are very popular!