Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Beach

 We didn't get to go to the beach last week because it was quite cool but we went the week before as usual.  It was supposed to be 28 degrees but I'd be surprised if it got out of the teens.  I wrapped myself in a towel on the sand but the kids still went in to splash around. 

The tide was way out that week.  Mr 7 went quite far out and the water was still only up to his knees.  It was actually quite good because there is a sandbank about 50m out and the low tide caused there to be a shallow pool of water between the sand and the rest of the ocean and the kids loved hanging out in their very own 'pool'.

We saw heaps of planes go overhead.  I love to sit and wonder where the people are off to while I'm sitting on a beach in Adelaide.  I hope one day someone is sitting on the beach and watching my plane and wondering where I'm going.

It's amazing how well the kids get along once you get them out of the house. They can get on each other's nerves at home but when they're out they all play together as though they're best friends.  I bought a book to read but I didn't even open it.  I was content to watch my kids run up and down the beach, chase the bodyboards that were blowing away in the wind and squealing their heads off when a crab moved its leg.  When a chip packet blew away and Mr 7 ran after it, I wanted 10 more kids.  I realised that I didn't care if I had no man in my kids are enough for me.

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  1. Sounds like a truly blissful day. Great to read that you had a good time! xx MM