Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Action Machine

I'm not one to try to sell things to my fellow bloggers...I rarely even recommend things.  But this product has made such a difference to my life I just wanted to share it with everyone.  It's called the Action Machine and it has totally changed the way I work and get things done.  And I have tried everything!  Day planners, PDA's, software, you name it, I've tried it.  And I still wasn't getting anywhere.  Especially since I am (was) the biggest procrastinator to walk the face of the Earth.  I can't believe how many projects I've finished since I started using the Action Machine.  It's such a valuable resource and I wanted to tell you all about it because some of you may even be bigger procrastinators than me and I would love it if it changed your life for the better too.  So read the paragraph below then check it out.

 Here's a question you may want to ask yourself regularly: What am I doing with my 24 hours? In other words, every day, what do you have to show for burning through another 24 hours of your life? If the answer is, 'next to nothing', or 'not nearly as much as I would like', then I'm happy to tell you that you can change that right now, and in moment, in this email, I'm going to give you a simple system for doing it. If you're ready to put more life and more action into your day, then get a pen and paper and write down this simple system. It consists of 3 basic steps. Here they are: 1. Write down all the tasks you want to get done today 2. Assign a specific block of time for completing each task (like 30 minutes) 3. Select a task, start a timer, and focus on nothing else until that task is complete! That's all there is to it. Simple, yes! Incredibly effective, YES! By itself, this system can put your productivity into high-gear - IF you use it. The challenge for most of us is that in a day and age of technology and automation, writing things down on paper and using something like an egg-timer feels a bit clunky and inefficient. But I've recently discovered an incredible piece of software that not only automates this system in a very unique way, but includes some tools such as simple reports (so you know WHERE you spend your time), as well as a very slick and intuitive interface. I highly recommend you watch the demo video, which shows the software in action, by clicking this link (you'll find it about half-way down the page): Action machine Click Here! Have a great, productive day!

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